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Graham Quince

Frog Font - easy icons for coding

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We have (for a while now) produced a font with all our icons loaded in.  The font-family is called frog-font-mono

A couple of examples:

<span style="font-size: 36px;" class="ff-analytics-mono"></span>

<span style="font-size: 36px;" class="ff-frog-mono"></span>

This page is auto-generated and so should be kept up to date (it should also exist on your Frog):


I'd suggest using CTRL+F to look for specific icons - as they're all spread out quite a bit.  We also import font-awesome, although it's not the current version so some icons don't show up.


Note: the website supplies embed code using fas instead of the older fa class, remove the 's' to get the icons to work: 

<i class="fa fa-envelope"></i>


App Icons

There's also all the Frog application icons available.


<span style="font-size: 50px; background: 0 0;" class="ui-app-icon-messages"><span class="path1"></span><span class="path2"></span><span class="path3"></span><span class="path4"></span><span class="path5"></span><span class="path6"></span><span class="path7"></span><span class="path8"></span><span class="path9"></span><span class="path10"></span><span class="path11"></span><span class="path12"></span><span class="path13"></span><span class="path14"></span><span class="path15"></span><span class="path16"></span><span class="path17"></span><span class="path18"></span></span>


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