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Found 1 result

  1. What do we have lots of? Well, I've got loads of worksheets - some really good 'old ones' long since scanned to computer and of course all the recent ones created on computer.... Most of them are sat in frog sites so that students can download and print them off should they lose their own. But what if all of these worksheets could be completed on frog without the need to turn them into frog quizzes or use a third-party site or app? Well, as this is the showcase..... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2QYvi40BJqDRWw0N3JPVUdqWk0/view?usp=sharing Sorry there is no sound on the video, I need to invest in a microphone! Features Could be used as a basic painting app Allows a file to be loaded into the background - this means you can write, type and draw over the top but the eraser won't wipe out the underlying file! Normal and full-screen modes Zoom and pan - watch the ink marks move with the worksheet Save button produces a .png file of the entire work which can be saved in the usual way or copied and pasted into a document (or uploaded and handed in!) It's based on http://literallycanvas.com. All I have done is make it work in frog and integrate it with FrogDrive. To do Save the ink so the student can return to the worksheet later (if only there was a way of saving data in frog!) Save the ink and display to the teacher all of the worksheets in their current states - with some work it should be possible for the teacher to "watch live" as the worksheet is completed and so know where to target help first. Think about what happens \ what we would want to happen, if this is part of a site that has been assigned to a group/student. Only works for image files at the moment - any server side devs at frog got anything for on demand file conversion? If anyone can help with any of this we can share the code and half the work... Paul
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