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Found 1 result

  1. One issue all schools are currently facing is a lack of time, staff are facing the issue of more and more work with less time to complete it. Technology can save masses of time as well as dramatically decrease staff workload. One big issue I have been having is that staff are struggling to find the time to attend technology training sessions and develop their skills regularly. When staff do attend training sessions they all have different levels of knowledge making sessions difficult to run. After running training sessions for over a year, across multiple schools, I have decided to create a schools 'Technology Training Hub' on each schools Frog platforms. Staff can find all the information they need about each piece of software we have in their school along with in depth guidance detailing how to use it. This means staff can manage their own training or when attending sessions they can pick and choose which topic they'd like to learn more about. So far the feedback received has been great so I thought I'd share this here too. www.holmfirthhigh.co.uk/frogos/school-technology We link to the technology hub with a big banner on the staff dashboards - see attached.
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