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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have set up a sildeshow, using a file drop as detailed in the tutorial below: http://www.frogcommunity.com/app/os#!filedrop/slideshow My first slideshow was working correctly, and I could add/remove files to the drop and the correct pictures were showing. I then tried to add another slideshow (on a new tab within the site), so set up a new file drop, got the new ID and created the HTML again as per the tutorial, however the second file drop won't work as expected. The pictures from the second file drop show up in the first slideshow, despite them having completely different IDs. If I set up a list of file names for the second file drop, the files are correct, but they are showing on the wrong page. Sometimes they appear as part of the slideshow, and other times the new pictures are above the first pictures. I will attach some screenshots so that hopefully you can see what I mean. Additionally, the first file drop will work correctly until I try and look at the second file drop, then when I go back to the first I have the problem (caching issue maybe?). First file drop showing Micky Mouse correctly: 2nd file drop showing only the file name (testing) widget. The file drop arrows show up but no pictures. Now, I go back to the first tab and Goofy is showing despite him being on the other file drop. Any ideas? Kind regards Dawn
  2. Hey everyone, Thanks to @Chris.Smith and @Simon Law for updating the Slideshow Carousel code to cope with multiple instances of galleries on different sites and nested pages. It's great to see this tutorial in use, but I'll be honest, I never anticipated the different ways it would be used. You can get the updated code here: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/tutorials/frogcode-tutorials/file-drop
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