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  1. Hi Duncan, Unfortunately it's not possible to change this at the moment, a feature request has been raised if you wish to vote. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-989 I hope this helps. Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi Sue, Creating an eportfolio would be the best solution for this, I suppose you could create a site with the necessary widgets but I can imagine it would eventually be quite large for each user, plus you'd have to edit permissions manually on them. See the below link to our webinar on eprtfolios. Hope this helps. Thanks, Sam
  3. Sam Brown


    Hi Natalie, There isn't an expiry setting on timeline posts, so all I can think is the teacher has hidden or deleted each photo from the timeline. Or another possibility is that it's trying to load them all but taking a while. Can you see the loading message in the bottom right? Thanks, Sam
  4. John is correct, if setting it in System Preferences it will change all users to use preferred name rather than legal name. Plus if the users are already in the platform you'll have to edit the usernames manually, this is because the username creator runs once only when the account is being created.
  5. Hi Virginia, For security reasons you can't use iFrames within FrogLearn, one suggestion a developer has given me is to create a site and on each page nest the menu, weekaweekb and latestfixturenews and embed the time site and add a piece of code to go through those pages. Have a go and let me know if you need help from a developer.
  6. Sam Brown

    Pupil Premium

    Hi Chris, As you use Frog3/FrogLearn it's unfortunately not possible to import contextual data from the MIS, this is because we can't sync this information to FrogLearn via Frog3. One way round this would be to create a group in Frog3 called Pupil Premium and add the users manually to the group then wait for it to sync across to FrogLearn. Not ideal but it's a workaround. Hope this helps.
  7. Just trying to get an answer on this from the Product Team Paul, I'll update you once I know more.
  8. Hi George, I can't see this setting within the Quiz Widget or when assigning the site but I can the option for Exam Mode when creating the quiz in an assignment. An Ideas Portal request unfortunately, are you OK to raise this? Thanks, Sam
  9. Sam Brown

    Behaviour Info

    Hi Aimée, There is a FrogParent Manager application within the FrogDrive/Appliction where behaviour incidents can be deleted. Once in the application you'll need to filter the results and search for the user who has the incorrect incident then delete via the Cog button, see screenshot attached. Let me know if you can't find this. Many thanks, Sam
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