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  1. Hi guys Quick question please. All our Parents can view the Homework Calendar VLE perfectly but we have created a role in VLE called Parent-Staff which gives access to My Child's Work and provided that the right relationships have been set to the Staff Parent member (who is everyon eis staff with kids in our school) they can see their children's Assignments etc. However Staff-Parent can not see any entries in the Homework Calendar. Should that be the case? As I said the Homework calendar works well with our parent VLE profile. What is the problem here? Could you tell? Many thanks
  2. Lovely. Thank you Paul. I will check that out and report back to you. Kind regards
  3. Hi Graham Quick question please: In my pages when I try to use two sets of HTML / File Drop widgets to create two carousels it glitches and it messes up the page completely. Is it that only one "manually" made carousel should be set up per page? Cheers
  4. I see. This sounds like an omission...Every user wants a record of a form they submitted I should think. Thank you
  5. Oh my word! I thought Frog 3 is an older version than FrogLearn. Am I wrong? If it is an older version why was this, so useful a feature, abandoned?
  6. Lovely Graham. Thank you. One more question, if I may. Do you think I should attempt to put an HTML widget on the page and see if I can fire an email from it? They could add their email address on a field in it or, could I pick up any info from the form itself? Many thanks
  7. Dear all A quick question if I may: If I have a field in my form called (e.g.) "Contact Email" could I fire a confirmation email to that address every time a form is submitted? I know that a confirmation email goes to a specific email address, normally the administrator, which is set up in the Advanced Form menu, but that is fixed. I would like to send an email to every user confirming they have filled up the form. Can this be done? Many thanks Angeliki
  8. Hurrah! It works brilliantly! Thank you Graham. You are a star!
  9. Hi guys This is Angeliki, new girl on the forum. Quick question if I may: can I change the transition speed on the carousel? Every little trick I tried sadly failed...
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