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  1. Hi Nigel - hope you're well. The reason a year filter is not available in Assignment Monitor is due to how the classes work in Frog currently. When a class is either created from your MIS or in Frog, there is no link between a year and a class at present, so a filter tool for year's in assignment monitor would not function correctly at this moment in time. A few schools have reported this to us, and it is being reviewed. This would be a perfect example to use our Ideas Portal, as this is exactly what it used for, to hear our customers thoughts and ideas of what they would like to see in Frog! You can access the Ideas Portal here - https://www.frogcommunity.com/ideas-portal I have taken a look on the Ideas Portal and can see this has not yet been raised there (a year filter tool), therefore, I would suggest going onto the Ideas Portal and raising this as a new idea and hopefully, if your idea was to receive enough votes, our developer can then look at integrating it into the platform.
  2. Hi Paul, as Paul Mitchell has confirmed, this should be fixed within the next hotfix that is released. Thank you for the response Paul, brilliant!
  3. Method 1: Check the calendar settings and make sure that the users unable to see the calendar do in fact have access to it. Whoever created the calendar will have access to its settings. Go to the Calendar application (located in your Frog Drive by default) and find the calendar that has the issue and select the small white arrow icon next to it, you will see "Calendar Settings" and a button to share with other users, please make sure the affected users are withing this sharing list. Method 2: Make sure the users do have access to view the dashboard or site that the calendar is on. You can check this by first locating the dashboard or site and selecting the "Share" button on the FrogBar, you will normally see this button in the top left hand corner of your screen once you are on the site. Once you are on the sharing options, make sure that the users affected have "Can View" option selected - this grants the user access to view whatever is on the dashboard/site. Please note: this is the same process for students too, not just staff. If the two above methods do not solve your issue, please contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@frogeducation.com so we can assist you.
  4. Dear Service Desk I have a staff calendar on my staff landing page, but some staff members can view the calendar, and some cannot - how do I fix this?
  5. Tom


    Thanks for confirming
  6. I have updated my response to you above as I have now spoken with the developers.
  7. Hi Paul 1. If you archived half of the parent accounts, the half that is archived will be out of the way and the MIS link will remain (so no new users created on the next import). If the Frog extraction took place but did not affect the archived accounts, the password reset notification could possibly pick up the archived users duplicate email address which could cause the password reset email to not be sent out - I will get all this double checked on Monday by one of our Frog developers. EDIT: The developers have confirmed that if the email address is still attached to the parent accounts, the forgotten password reset function would not work as expected as it would then be looking at two different details for a users on one email address, which would probably stop the email from being sent out. They have advised it would be best to just manage the email in SIMS, therefore, removing the email address ion SIMS for the duplicate parents. 2. If you delete the email addresses within the Users Application, the next SIMS extraction would populate the emails again once imported into Frog overnight. I would recommend that the safest way would be removing the duplicate emails in SIMS as this would normally be the process. Whenever a user is MIS linked, the management of that user would be within your SIMS, rather than Frog. As I previously advised, I will get the points I made in method one confirmed first on Monday. If you have any further questions until then, please do not hesitate to ask, have a good weekend otherwise
  8. Thank you for supplying the screenshot I can see you are accessing Frog from the Chrome browser. We are currently working through our applications at the moment to become more mobile responsive on mobile browsers, which should be available in the near future, however, there is no definitive date on this yet. As a workaround, you could set a site up with a mobile responsive theme, and drag a Calendar Widget on the site and set it to display the necessary calendars you need, so when you next access on your mobile, your calendar(s) should display much better within the site. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.
  9. Hi Sharon, In order to understand the issue you are having on a deeper level, please could you answer the following for me; Would you kindly confirm which version of the app you are using please? i.e iOS or Android. Would it be at all possible to provide a screenshot of the app cutting half of the calendar view off? Are you logging into the app as a staff member, student, or parent? Look forward to hearing from you
  10. Tom


    Okay so, If you right click on the extractor and open as administrator, you should see a group of buttons at the top, here you should be able to see the Extract/Import button, click this and once you are in this section, you should see Basic information here. Select the Run Now button on the bottom right hand corner as this will run the manual extract, please make sure the Basic Information is ticked before running the extract, as the Basic information are such things as users, groups etc. Hope this solves the issue for you, if not, just let me know and I will look further into it
  11. Tom


    Hi Tom, I have just checked in the back end of your platform and it looks like the last two latest extracts, the user information has not been pulled through. Would you kindly just check your extractor, and make sure the "Basic" information is ticked under the "Extract/Import" button. Also, make sure the relevant student, teacher, parent data is ticked on the right hand side of the extractor. Once this has been checked, and if any were unticked, run a manual extract/import and you should see your classes in Frog. Please let me know how you get on.
  12. Tom


    Hi Tom, This is expected behaviour, when on a mobile or tablet device, you should not see the "X" for sites or apps, instead, use the Frog Head in the top left hand corner on your FrogBar (as Paul has mentioned too), this is essentially used as the "back button" on a mobile. If you have any further questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask as I'd be more than happy to help out
  13. Hi Nigel, I hope you are well. I am able to remove the ability for all parents to add or delete anything on the Quick Launch - would you like me to do this? You can then give it a test your end to see if you are happy with it.
  14. Hi Adrian, The MyFrog App is currently unavailable at the moment. There are some minor tweaks that our developers need to make. We want to make sure the app is polished and at its most efficient for when it's released, therefore you should expect to see the app available for install on Google Play and the Apple Store by the end of next week, or early the week after at the very latest. You will be updated if anything does happen to change. I hope you are pleased with the new Frog Bar feature in our da Vinci release, and I look forward to hearing your thoughtss once the MyFrog app is available. If I do not speak to you beforehand, have a great weekend!
  15. Hi Tom, No problem at all, if you have any further questions about the new da Vinci release or for Frog in general, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great weekend.
  16. Hi Tom. Hope you're well? You should now have the da Vinci release on your platform, tested myself and can see that you now have it, please do let us know if you encounter any login issues moving forward and we will assure to rectify it.
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