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  1. Chris.Smith's post in Issue using Raspberry Pi to display froglearn (public) sites was marked as the answer   
    Hi Virginia,
    I've created you a FrogCode Widget which does everything that you need it to... I say "need" because due to time and technical limits I have not been able to implement transition effects (fade in/out).
    When you come to use the widget, make sure it is on the first page of the site only... this is important. Once on, it will be invisible when the site is live. In edit mode, you will be able to set a time in seconds for how long each page is visible before it proceeds to the next page. The last page will wrap back to the beginning.
    Please note that the timings won't be 100% reliable due to how JavaScript works. I could explain it but, when I explained it to Quincy he needed a sit down and a cup of tea to fix him. Ultimately, the pages will be visible for the amount of time you've specify at a minimum.
    If you need any help installing this widget, let us know, otherwise you should be good to go!
    ~ Chris
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