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  1. Hardeep


    why can't we edit assignment once it has been set. Say if we load task and then realised that we need to add or delete some thin in the file, frog does not let me do when I press edit. Is there any way we can change the actual assignment once set ?
  2. Thanks for your reply. It would have been good if we can give instant feedback on the work they upload no matter what kind of file it is.
  3. Thanks. No way we can upload a file on the feedback and give them feedback instantly
  4. Hardeep


    I can not give feedback to PPT files uploaded by students in assignments. Only file I can give feedback is JPEG. Any one having the same issue 1.docx
  5. why can't we give feedback on PPT file uploaded by the student 1.docx
  6. Students pressing handed in for assignment but they are not uploading the assignment/work. Its shows a green Tick but no assignment. Is there a way only when they have uploaded the work then they can press Handed in ( Green tick )
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