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  1. Resources the staff have attached to the assignment before they set it to the students.
  2. Probably a stupid question, but how can staff download their resources form closed assignments. I thought it would be the 'Download Files' option in the closed assignment, but that just returns 'There are no files to download'.
  3. turtes

    Timeline widget

    We have had a few members of staff trying to upload to the timeline with no luck. I have also tried myself to try and see what the issue is and it seems to be same for me. I have tried uploading via FrogSnap and adding the corresponding tags. I have also tried uploading directly to the timeline using the upload butotn and neither method adds the content. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. turtes


    Slightly related to this, is there away to turn on email notifications for messages as the default for Parents. I know Parents can turn it on themselves, but with the possibility of school closure it would be good for this to be turned on as a default to make sure they see that messages are being sent.
  5. turtes

    MyFrog Login

    Anyone else having this issue again? Had a couple of parents reporting it this week, although logging out of the app and back in seems to resolve it.
  6. Can students attach a file when handing in an assignment on Frog? Feel like I'm missing something really simple?
  7. Is there a way to restrict the user picker in a form so students can only select other students. We are doing votes for the yearly prom awards, but we don't want the students to be able to see staff or parent account when picking there vote.
  8. turtes

    The Reveal

    So what was the big reveal then?
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