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  1. Thanks @pconkie, Could you send a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to download the site? Regards, Connor
  2. Hi Paul, Are you using your staff or admin account when attempting to download the site? Regards, Connor
  3. Hi Mark, I am going to raise a support ticket with you for this as I may need some further information. Regards, Connor
  4. Connor Hutchinson

    E Reader

    Hi Paul, Correct! Though it has been a little while since it was first added to the platform! If you upload an e-pub document to your FrogDrive and preview it, it will open with e-reader functionality. Regards, Connor
  5. Hi Mark, Are you looking for this to function in the same way that assigning homework to a student would work? Regards, Connor
  6. Hi Paul, I am going to get a ticket raised to you on our support desk regarding this issue. Regards, Connor
  7. Connor Hutchinson

    MIS update

    Hi Paul, With this being an MIS query, I will raise you a ticket so we can discuss this in further detail. Regards, Connor
  8. Hi Sean, This is a great idea! However we are unable to answer this query via the Support section of the forums due to it being custom code. I have moved this post to the coding section of our forums. Either one of our developers, or a code savvy individual can now see and respond to you with a more adequate answer. Hope this helps for now! Connor
  9. Hi Paul, I will open you a ticket for this query, as I am unable to locate the carousel and will need a full screenshot. Regards, Connor
  10. Hi Paul, Which page on your staff dashboard currently holds the carousel? Regards, Connor
  11. Hi Natalie, Could you tell me the name of the site you are wanting to reuse? Regards, Connor
  12. Hi Paul, Are you referring to the "Random Name" widget or a different tool entirely? I can't find reference to another randomiser widget on your platform? Regards, Connor
  13. Hi Paul, I will raise you a ticket for this query, as I might need to raise it to development, Speak to you soon. Regards, Connor
  14. Hi Alan, When forms are answered by a logged in user, it will automatically record their activity. The easiest way to make a form anonymous is to create a site containing the form you want to use, and then set its share permissions to "Public on the web". You users will need to be logged out in order to fill it out anonymously. If you would like a more detailed step by step on how to do this, please let me know and I will open a ticket for you! Regards Connor
  15. Good Morning, These avatars appear to have been custom made by the post owner, so I'm afraid I won't be able to provide a download link for them. It might be worth putting a reply onto his post to see if you can get hold of them directly from @Phil Stiles Regards, Connor
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