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  1. Sorry, maybe I am sounding a bit confusing. I would like to create a page called service.asp on the external outward facing element of the Froglearn server. To access this page does not require logging into Froglearn. I would like to be able to access the page using url http://frogserver/service.asp?v1=x&v2=y The service.asp page would be able to receive the posted variables v1 and v2 then process the information and send an email to a designated recipient. Hopefully this has clarified the objective. I can edit my Windows webserver at home, but find Froglearn very different to what I am used to. Thanks Dave
  2. Thanks, We don't actually want the form on Frog, we just want the processing done on the frog page, i.e http://frog.public.web.site/process.asp?v1=x&v2=y We are trying to harvest the detail from our existing school website and just need the email element processed with the data variables passed. Thanks Dave
  3. We need this on a un authenticated webpage, not once they have logged into frog. One of the frog support team tried to do this, but they couldn't achieve it, they suggested I look on the frog code forum. But I have no idea how to edit an external webpage on frog.
  4. Hi, I am new to Frog and subsequently confused! We are migrating from Frog3 to Froglearn. I need to create a webpage that can receive variables, format and send an email to a member of staff. e.g http://frog.public.web.site/process.asp?v1=x&v2=y We used a ASP/PHP page on a rented webserver to do this, but I now need to do this through frog as we are losing our external hosting. Has anyone got any pointers that can get me started? Thanks Dave
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