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  1. kjc

    Email Class

    Hi, Is their any way teachers can email a class group? They used to be able to do this in FROG 3 but cannot find way of doing this in FROGLearn. Ideally they would just click a the class group to send an simple email. Many Thanks Kieran
  2. kjc

    Link to sub page

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can link to a sub-page in my site using external link widget? This is available using the text widget, but would like to keep a consistent look and feel for links on the page. Many thanks
  3. kjc

    Dashboard Switch

    Simon, thank you. This gives me the answer I needed.
  4. kjc

    URL Sub page Link

    Well, I am always second guessing my memory when I need something
  5. kjc

    Dashboard Switch

    Hi, Does anyone have any code I could use to re-position the dashboard switcher? It currently sticks to the bottom of the window. I would like to move it to under the dashboard site title instead. Thanks Kieran
  6. kjc

    URL Sub page Link

    Hi, Yeah, that's what I see on the top-level page, but if I have a page under that It does not provide a link.
  7. kjc

    URL Sub page Link

    Hi, Yeah, site is shared. Pretty sure I used to do this with sub page before. I had a look at a number of others sites and cannot see it on any of them. Only works on the top level page. Think a quick call might be in order. Thanks Kieran
  8. kjc

    URL Sub page Link

    That's what I thought, but cannot see it on any sub web page.
  9. kjc

    URL Sub page Link

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can get the URL of a FROG sub web page? For example: I have a page called A-Level's and a number of sub pages under that. I need to get the URL's of those sub pages. I can get the A-Level's URL, but cannot see how to get the URL of the Sub Pages. Many thanks Kieran
  10. kjc

    Egg Timer

    Hi, Does anyone know of an egg timer widget I can place in a FROG site? I have been asked to create a FROG site that display's (ideally) an egg timer that sounds an alarm every 15 minutes. Has anyone done anything similar? Many Thanks Kieran
  11. Hi, Is there any way users can filter the notification tray to see notifications that they want to see? Thanks
  12. kjc

    Google Folder HTML

    Hi, Can anyone remind me of the HTML code that can be used to embed a Google Folder into a FROG page. I remember it was on the old forum site and struggling to find it. Thanks Kieran
  13. kjc


    Hi Graham, Would I be able to email the link that I have been given? what is your email address? Many Thanks Kieran
  14. kjc


    Can anyone help, or is this possible in FROGLearn? I have been given a web link to a JSON file (school calendar) which needs to be embedded in FROGLearn for users to be able to view. I have never done any work with JSON, and wonder if this can be done? and if anyone can help? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am trying to create a search function so users can search a key word, and it pulls up the specific file or folder from the network file widget placed on the page. Has anyone achieved this, or have any ideas if it is possible? Many Thanks
  16. Hi, Yep, working now.
  17. Hi, Just been checking and it says "Site Installed" but cannot find it anywhere on the system (FrogDrive) sites. Thanks
  18. Great, thanks Graham.
  19. Hi, Just tried installing the new site (looks good) but it does not show in my template options. I have tried a number of times to install it, and clear my browser cache. Any ideas? Thanks Kieran
  20. I agree, ideally needs to be turned off. I have already had people asking for it to be turned off. I also agree with the second comment, would be a good feature for schools to use for special notices.
  21. kjc

    Folder Icons

    Graham, many thanks for this and the rest of the good work you do on the community site, Its does not go unappreciated. If I get something working, I will post it here. Thanks Kieran
  22. kjc

    Folder Icons

    Hi, I get asked a lot by users if it is possible to change the colours of the brown folder icons - Its appears a lot of user do not like brown! - Is there anyway I can change the colour? Many Thanks
  23. kjc

    Curie Updates

    Hi, Was wonder if there is any update on when we can expect the extra Curie releases? Thanks
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