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  1. I have done this in the past: Create a separate site with a File Drop on it. In the widget settings, ensure the 'Individual' file setting is selected. Share it with contribute rights to the correct group. use the Insert Frog Page widget to then place the File Drop on an eportfolio template. This way, you can go the original site with the File Drop on it, and use the Download All feature.
  2. Bumping this up with the possibility of school closure ..... ?
  3. We have 2 use cases: One which is per individual - probably for staff One which can be added for everyone (maybe on an portfolio) which has the same options for everyone, but can be ticked off individually. If that makes sense?
  4. Can it have: The ability for the 'Add' button to be turned off. We could use this for student so we can add a list of coursework tasks, but they can't add anything to it. The ability for things to be 'ticked off/completed'' and remain on the list, but maybe greyed out?
  5. Giving this a bump! @pconkie @ADT @Graham Quince
  6. If I log in as a parent, then share a screenshot of the console, would that help?
  7. I would do this however I have no knowledge of what I"d be looking for in the console!
  8. Had a few parents say their latest report isn't showing - I logged in as a few and can confirm it. It looks like it's not showing the latest report - @pconkie Not sure if it's just us?
  9. gbligh

    Picture Series

    I'm getting the same
  10. Just downloaded the latest version - really good improvements. It takes use of the whole iPhone screen (with a notch) and really good how it doesn’t open on assignments at the start. Inbox is handy too - good work!
  11. It looks like just an app that collects data ...
  12. gbligh

    Frog <--> MIS

    Hi @pconkie - is the attendance register ready to share yet? It's amazing
  13. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    Yes we had it - spoke to the service desk and they applied a fix. It only seems to affect iOS devices.
  14. gbligh


    We use Room Booking System https://www.roombookingsystem.co.uk
  15. gbligh


    Here is a quick snap of your current staff dashboard
  16. I don't think folders can be shared publicly ...
  17. We use this widget: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/studentassignment
  18. Hi all, we use this software for an IT helpdesk - https://www.sysaid.com Just wondered if anyone else uses this and has managed to get SSO or something similar inside FrogLearn?
  19. Are there any plans to create an Inbox widget? For example, students are missing the inbox button in the menu bar ... if we could expose messages on a page, that would be really useful.
  20. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    We seem to be OK at the moment with it
  21. Is it only assignments with attachments? Or sites with attachments? I set HW earlier without any attachments, or without a site linked, and it went through fine.
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