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  1. Sorry only just getting back to this ... @Graham Quince if you could make this work that would be great
  2. gbligh

    Parent Letters

    We usually just get parents to use the 'password re-set' function - then they get emailed their details
  3. gbligh


    We had it custom built and have actually has it re-designed again for next week. This takes advantage of the crystal theme as we need it to work fully on iPads/tablets.
  4. Ah that's a shame thanks for the quick reply though Paul - hope you are well
  5. Hi all, Quick question - I'm trying to embed the Seating Plans app into a page, but I just get a white box .... anyone else get this? @ADT @pconkie
  6. Probably only by using a CSV import?
  7. gbligh

    Exam Results Extract

    That's the only problem, is the upload. We will have to go into each students page and upload a PDF copy of their results, which should be fine with a few of us on it at once!
  8. gbligh

    Exam Results Extract

    We are going to use ePortfolios for this
  9. @Graham Quince - just had a meeting with some leadership and this came up .... could be useful for next year. Let me know if you want to talk it over
  10. @Graham Quince - obviously this is probably not top of the list! However, did it get made?
  11. But what if I don't want all staff to have full access to FrogDrive? We have quite a clear and careful directed way of staff accessing stuff here, and FrogDrive can be quite confusing!
  12. Quite a lot of the default ones like Markbook, FrogDrive I think
  13. There are also some things that you can't seem to remove from Quick Launch at all
  14. Thanks Graham, that's useful. Is there a way to remove something that has already been added to quick launch?
  15. We currently have our quick launch icon hidden as it confused staff when we first launched. I’d like to bring it back however there isn’t enough controls for it. Are there plans to do so? Or could a FrogCode solution be a way to do it? Ideally I’d like to add and remove links in quick launch based on group or profile.
  16. @pconkie is there a way I can create a plan for a non-MIS linked group? I have made a custom group but they don't appear when I search
  17. Not quite - I need to embed the Google Drive section of FrogDrive onto a page.
  18. Does this widget only display a certain amount of notifications?
  19. gbligh

    Frog Play Quiz

    This might help Paul - https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/mini-guides/cookiesissue
  20. Thanks Adam - appreciate that
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