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    Google Search Bar!!

    Yes please Chris!
  2. Hi all, Our art department are struggling to think of ways they'd use the platform. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I think the widget has a purpose and it is a nice one too. Maybe the journey of uploading images needs to be re-thought. Possibly just allow the widget to point to a folder in FrogDrive and display images? I remember @Edd saying they were looking at this?
  4. We do this Tom, do you want to drop me an email and I'll give you a hand?
  5. gbligh

    New Assignment

    Hi all, Has anyone got a bit of code that can display a 'New Assignment' button on a dashboard? Thanks!
  6. We use a Frog icon on the home page - next to the search box
  7. I second that! It would move us away from Frog3 web files then . . .
  8. gbligh


    This is our staff dashboard. There is a 'More' button which takes you to other links, but looks the same.
  9. Does anyone use the secure gateway product in their school? If so, what's the experience like? Thanks!
  10. Hi Sue, Does this video help? - George FROG MODERATOR NOTE: Hi folks, just in case of people searching...it has come to our attention that this method for hosting SCORM files no longer works. Google deprecated hosting files via Drive in 2016. We're still looking for a short term solution and will post when we find one.
  11. Our parents have access to the following: - Department sites - My Child's Work - Frog Parent features including attendance, behaviour, SIMS Linked Docs etc. - FrogSnap sites including sports day. We managed to send out our username and passwords using SchoolComms and a mail merge via email.
  12. gbligh

    LGBT Community

    I'd like to share something that I'm particularly proud of on our platform. Earlier this year, one of our teachers set up an LGBT Community with a small group of students. I was approached by 2 of the students who wanted to create a presence for the group on Frog. I set up a structure for the students and then handed ownership over to them so they could manage the site themselves. The site contained 2 sections - 'Discuss' and 'Display'. Over a few months it has progressed into a strong site with an active, busy forum and a FrogSnap site timeline displaying some of the work made by the students including posters and an embedded video of an LGBT assembly that was presented by the students. It's a great place for the students to communicate with each other and thanks to FrogLearn's sharing permissions and Rules, it has become a place where they feel safe to discuss freely and openly.
  13. It's much nicer to look at! It also works much better on my iPad and iPhone too which is always helpful
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