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  1. Just for fun... View the full article
  2. Last year you loved the animated snowfall and lights. View the full article
  3. Help people love Frog as much as you do! View the full article
  4. Media-rich sites are really popular with the kids... View the full article
  5. Missed the Frog21 Conference? View the full article
  6. Have you ever set Rules in Frog? View the full article
  7. Widgets can really transform your actions in Frog but there's lots of them to get to know. We will be introducing you to these useful additions through #WidgetoftheWeek. View the full article
  8. Whether in recognition of great work or good behaviour, a reward system is a really beneficial part of school-life. View the full article
  9. I've got to delete all the old user accounts and classes, it there are walkthrough for how to do it?
  10. It is time to get recognition for your activities in Frog! We are pleased to announce the release of the Frog Specialist and Genius certification. As part of the Frog Digital First Training, brought to you through the new Professional Development platform, we are offering the opportunity to test your Frog knowledge whilst working towards a Frog accreditation. How it works There are three levels to collect: 1. Frog Community Advocate Simply register yourself to collect level 1 2. Frog Community Specialist Demonstrate your understanding of Frog to collect this level. 3. Frog Community Genius Show complete mastery of Frog and share your knowledge to top the levels. Are you up for the challenge? View the full article
  11. With a decision from Government to move away from isolating bubbles and towards testing, here's you can manage it in your Frog platform... We asked a few of our schools how they intended to manage this new process in September and they've kindly shared their Covid19 Test Portals with us for inspiration. Using Frog Forms it is possible to quickly collect test results, obtain necessary consent and share important information. We have created a COVID19 Testing Portal that you can download from the FrogStore... To install on your platform Please access the FrogStore via the application link in your Frog platform and click install! Special thanks to Gosforth Academy and North Lakes School! View the full article
  12. We have loads of new staff starting in September and our MIS manages all the Frog accounts. Is there any way to create their accounts early?
  13. Use Frog's NEW MS Teams link in Assignments to manage live lessons. We recently Ribbited about the new Teams integration - that's coming soon - but it also represents great support for your new year preparations... If you only use Teams for online meetings, Frog* will create those meetings for you, based on the school's MIS classes. *Your IT team will need to set up the integration Remember your Markbooks! Speaking of MIS-linked classes... Please remember that all of your students will disappear from existing markbooks in the new year. If you would like to keep grades and marking data, it is time to 'export marks to CSV'. All Assignments will remain and can be reused. We'd like to wish our Frog family a great summer break! View the full article
  14. We want to run internal competitions using FrogPlay quizzes, but it appears the leaderboards are only available inside FrogPlay. Is there a way I can post these to the school's TVs / Whiteboards without needing to screenshot them?
  15. I'd like to add animated snow, christmas lights etc... Can you help?
  16. We'd like to use Google Translate on our Frog platform. Is this possible? We have lots of EAL parents who struggle with Frog in English.
  17. I would like to reuse the assignments I set last year / I would like to check my marking from last year, how do I see last year's markbooks?
  18. Our school uses Google Calendars. I would like to have these appear on the Staff and Student Dashboards. Is this possible?
  19. We have ( meetings planned for each student / their option choices / personal tutorial links / something else not driven by our MIS ) and wish to use Frog to display this data just for the student and their parents. Is this possible to do in FrogLearn?
  20. Some students are reporting that when they try to open a quiz, they are seeing screens like this one: Please can you advise on the problem and what I can tell the students?
  21. I'd like to display student photos in Frog, how do I do that?
  22. I'd like to know when my students send me a message on the assignment wall, without having to keep checking markbook. Is this possible?
  23. Is there a guide available for the reporting app for assignments?
  24. Our office admin team would like a guide they could follow for Messages, do you have one?
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