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  1. Nathan


    Our Dashboards are designed around the use of tablet devices and ease of access. Nothing fancy but it keeps everything neat and accessible. Student Dashboard: Staff Dashboard: Faculty sites/Subjects: Hopefully someone can pull inspiration from these
  2. Can confirm what Graham said above is true! Just leave the currency text box blank example:
  3. Being able to attach documents like in the custom/showcase notices widget would be a great addition to the standard widget. Kind regards Nathan
  4. You can change the currency in the settings for the widget! It's the third setting down
  5. Maybe limiting it to the goal but adding some sort of mini fireworks and just change the "Raised" number instead of going off the screen. Will be useful to say we overachieved our targets.
  6. Great widget! However there is a slight problem if you raise more than the goal It will go outside the widgets boundaries and onto whatever it above endlessly.
  7. Hi Graham, Thanks for the response: Yes, to view the file in Office365 it was an External Link Widget, I then used Office365 to download the file onto the tablet itself. Both files were exactly the same and uploaded by myself, the only difference is that one was being downloaded on Frog and the other through Office365. We have had 0 issues downloading from Office365, only from Frog. When comparing a Device where the Frog download works and a one that doesn't, the files have two different sizes (Usually a couple of MB). Each time we have ensured that the apps are completely up to date, this is top priority for us as it has caused issues in the past however this issue still persists regardless. Kind regards Nathan
  8. We have logged a call with Frog Service Desk but have been getting nowhere and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar issues. Whenever we download powerpoint files through frog, they appear to have a reduced file size and are unable to open in powerpoint. See attached video for more detail. This is happening on all of our samsung Tablet Devices (New and Old). The files work perfectly fine from another source like OneDrive. The tablet devices are our main use for Frog and losing this functionality is massively detrimental to our project and lessening the use of Frog. mobizen_20180109_114315.mp4
  9. No Bother, Thought it might be worth asking. Regards Nathan
  10. @sclough This is great! Thanks so much for sharing Is there anyway to get this onto the login page as well for a little festive spirit?
  11. Nathan

    Timetable Widget

    I've been trying to get this to work with no avail unfortunately. I am not particularly experienced with coding. It doesn't pull through any timetable data?
  12. That's a great feature, might be of use in the future. Our staff sometimes post long notices which in the small defined area makes the notice board look cluttered and adds alot more to the page and increases the amount you have to scroll to reach the bottom. Thanks for the help though.
  13. Thanks for the information. The hide option is a really good feature and helps keep things a bit less cluttered - Thought it'd be best to ask and check.
  14. This widget is working great for what we need however it would be great to be able to hide the detail. Was there any updates on this?
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