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  1. Yes phone me on 01246 850289 Thanks Sharon
  2. Done both and still the same. Unless there is something specific that can be done, please stop suggesting things that don't work. I have tried everything and it is pretty obvious that this is a fault with the frog app. I have spent hours on this and I am trying to get on with my job. No offence.
  3. Hotfix has been applied with app version 1.1.8 but the calendar is still split in half!!!!!!
  4. I tried the back button but still no joy. I guess I'll have to wait for the hotfix.
  5. Yes I did follow the same route. Maybe my url is wrong. I put in the one which shows up on my PC which is a general one? Should I put in something different?
  6. No. Just getting exactly same problem
  7. I have downloaded the new app and then I went to the calendar in list view and it is exactly the same!!!!!! Split in half.
  8. I use the calendar a lot but on the mobile app it cuts half of it off. Are there any plans to rectify this?
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