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  1. I sent it via the Forums direct message system.
  2. I have forwarded you a little something.
  3. @mhamilton I am working on something with ADFS that I recently showed Graham. It would allow seamless teams and streams integration. It could easily be adapted for Azure SSO. If you like, I can throw you a copy of the documentation I wrote, get some feedback from another frog admin.
  4. I have just been advised by the support team, that getting oAuth access is not possible. This is not because it does not work, but because there is no documentation. Despite the fact documentation is available on the frog box. The only thing thing I can see missing in that documentation is the API request headers for bearer and clientID. Though not much documentation would be required for this API since oAuth is already heavily documented standardised protocol and this form of API is always very similar. @simon brahancould you please clarify.
  5. Thank you again Simon. I have now confused your support team with this request, but I have faith in them 🙂 I think I will let you in on my plans, maybe you will have input on this project idea. My plan is to create a new server running a Bio-Store extractor and a my little node js webservice. Every hour, the Bio-Store extractor will pipe out a csv of Bio-Store balances, this csv is then ingested by my node app. The API is then used to set a value in the data store for each user. That value can then be displayed later using a custom widget. 😊 I often expor
  6. Thanks Graham, Sadly this is not working as I do not see such an option when i have a project selected.
  7. Excellent. Is it just a support ticket to turn this on?
  8. Hi all, I know this is on the back burner, but i thought i would compile a list of issues that I feel the frog code editor needs addressing. Users can not delete a project in frog code once created. This leaves a huge mess of abandoned projects. Deleting or creating a new file will collapse the entire directory tree, this is extremely frustrating. The Code console assumes that a string value will be returned. If you return a number you will be given an error from toString(). If you run a line that provides no return value then it will still attempt to cast that nu
  9. Morning @simon brahan So looking into this further, can i use the API with out using oAuth. Say, I wanted to dump a datastore value for every student into a csv from a node js script at 12am every morning. So that another service can consume that csv and do what ever with it. Otherwise to use oAuth means the user would need to log in first though a web client, its not that much of a problem just extra work. But yes, I would love to have a play with oAuth if we can set that up. Are there any limits to the API and what impact would its use have on the frog box if any impact a
  10. @simon brahan Hi Simon, I think i have had a bit of a mad idea. After noticing frog supports oAuth1.0 (can we get 2.0?) with a back end api. Could I read from / write to, the datastore store from say a node js application. I could do, some extremely interesting things if the answer is yes. Secondly, @Graham Quince I would be very interested to take a second look at your project, because i may have a use for it. Thank you both, for taking time.
  11. Hi Simon, I thank you for your time to explain this. The idea of using a database and not the frog data store would allow for more complex interactions between other on site facilities. Unfortunately the data store will not do the things I am looking into. I think I might have something I wrote in node over the past few years that might be of interest. It is an SQL wrapper that turns databases into node js class objects and allows you to send full query's in json to the server from the client. I would be happy to discuss this further if you
  12. Thanks for your response Graham. I would love to get some technical details that is for sure. In regards to the pandemic putting Frog code on the back burner again, I can understand that. I would still love to see Frog Code get itself out of beta.
  13. Hi, I am going to ask a few questions regarding widget development: what DB software do you use (mogo, mysql, plaintext)? what npm module is used to manage this database? with out using any thing like frog forms, frog data viewer, csv files, frog documents of any kind. Could I please get access to give my widgets an actual database table? Can we get the ability to read console print outs from the server side code execution of widgets? Can we please get some form of API access for the server side part of EJS templates, mainly for use with databases.
  14. Thanks Graham. Err, how do i delete a frog code project again?
  15. Hey all, Been trying to make a new widget this morning but hit a snag,. Maybe I am just Rusty but I doubt I could be this Rusty. So I made a new widget, that should say After clicking save and hitting the preview button, I expect to see in big lettering the words Hello Humans - I am here to drink your rum. What I actually get is a page with a text widget on. But my actual widget is not on the page and I am unable to see the widget to add to the page. Am I being thick or is this broken?
  16. Azure SSO sounds like it will do exactly what I am sugesting. Thank you
  17. Says my email address is not registered still, I have submitted my email on the registration form how ever and submitted.
  18. Hi @Graham Quince thanks for responding. I would love to go post this over on the ideas portal, but unfortunately that website has never worked for me. I am still unable to figure out how to register as the register button seemingly does nothing. Thank you
  19. @Graham Quince I appreciate the adfs system does this, but adfs is something Microsoft are phasing out with there push for Azure. Come next year my school will be moving to azure, but we are already thinking of removing the adfs server because 365 no longer requires you to handle logins this way. On top of that we have found that when dealing with multiple aliases, staff and students just get utterly confused when asked to sign in via adfs, meaning this is not a solution that we as a school would ever be allowed to implement. I would highly recommend looking into moving to add
  20. I was unaware of this, will look into it. Thank you
  21. Hi Frog Team, I have a suggestion for something that could prove very beneficial to frog. In fact during this time of remote teaching this could be a slight game changer. At Broadway we are trying to do as much as we can though frog, unfortunately when it comes to remote teaching zoom is the answer. I'm not going to debate zoom vs teams here but frankly I wish we where able to use teams. The reason we do not use teams is because the kids would have to sign in to both frog and 365 to access there class. Where as with zoom we can generate a link ahead of time and post it on
  22. Good question, answer ofc not. I just set up a rule on the page for the widget that disables the widget for students, hopefully that prevents the widget from getting passed down to the cleint and thus prevents the data. This is why we need a real API guys, you know server side scripting on top of client side. You know like Node.js perhaps?
  23. I wish the staff on our site would use that, we tried this but the staff did not wish to use it.
  24. Hi everybody. So the new school year started and as always the teachers are sending year 7 students to my door every day. After 3 class loads of kids asking for user names and passwords I decided something had to be done. Obviously placing an excel document in a shared area was simply too complicated for the staff. So I took to HTML, picked up a few new tricks and began work on a new frog code widget that I would like to share today. This widget allows you to search though your year 7 students account information to find their username and password with out sending
  25. Unfortunately that information is not helpful. See, it looks like frog creates a special canvas layer over the top of frog to witch the windows are parented to. All my attempts of opening a dialog on the canvas yield no usable results. This means there must be a function somewhere that tells frog to make this canvas and then create the window on top. That is what I am after.
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